$NNDM yova biggest fear now is the earnings calls. I kinda wish it was Limited to institutional investors. I would be frustrated too if eveyone was crying about the small cap stocks. Seriously just load. Obviously 3x rebuke vs last quarter he is working. So lay off and relax it’s disrespectful.
@WillyStonkaa @arisegern that wasn’t All he asked. But nice answer spoken like a true diamond hand ape lol. Welcome to stocks. I’m sure you think dillution is good for your shares also. I’m trying to refrain from poking the apes though so going to stop. Ape on bro ape on lol
@DireWolf2 @arisegern nice try, I’m not an ape. I just exit my puts two days ago because I play direction. That doesn’t change the fact that most of the people we’re discussing are just rephrasing the same whine every quarter. You must be the newbie to stocks if you think Yoav can control share price, that all dilution is the same, and that you aren’t the one responsible for your own trade, not the ceo of the company.
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