$SRNE So I tried to search on this website to see if Covi-Trace was submitted under our radar. The result is none. accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/... However, when I tried to search the SalivaDirect as proprietary name or Yale as operator name, it also returned no result. Then, I tried it with some other EUAs on the following website. Some gave results, some gave nothing. fda.gov/medical-devices/cor... Thus, the accessdata website is not a good place to find which one is submitted and which one is not. My guess is SalivaDirect is not a device, but it's a method of detecting Covid-19. I went back to Sorrento website to read about Covi-Trace, and it doesn't mention about any test kit. My question is where can we find about the submission of non-device test like SalivaDirect or Covi-Trace? Is there any other better database website for this matter?
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