$VBIV In my thinking, [concentrating your bets] decreases your overall risk because where you tend to be in trouble is if you have 35 or 40 names. You only need 3-4 Tops, VBIV, $BCRX, etc... If you start paying attention to one; VBIV 😉 If you have a big massive position 492,000 shares, it has your attention. 💎💉💯💎 My favorite quote of all time is maybe Mark Twain: “Put all your eggs in one basket and watch the basket carefully.” This is what we do in here guys! 🌍🚀 OUR TIME IS COMING, EARLY SUMMER START FOR MASSIVE GAINS TO COME in weeks to months. Human Covid Data coming in 10-12 trading days in my expectation. If it's exceptional, our eVLP will be validated, our supply agreements by NCR, CEPI, etc will be around the corner. We still have GBM & HepB! Whaaaaa, how are we just a 1B valuation again? Don't worry if we see 20-30 cent dips in the AM (FAKEOUTS). The real climb hasn't even started!!! 🐢🦺 Will win the race. F_ck the 🌙, we're going to the 🌞