$AABB Stoch moved down and X'd the 20% line. MACD moved lower, below the 0-line. Support the lower BBand at .1091, then .1080. Resistance the 5ma at .1130, the 10ma at .1163, the 50ma at .1178 then the 20ma at .1184. Very tight group. Broke the inside candle down. Following the BBand down with the 10 and the 50ma over head holding resistance. Broken record, great start and with in minutes beat down to a LOD and in a tight channel. But that low is not much, .009. The 1hr shows the very tight channel and the MACD has that positive divergence and a X up late, below the 0-line. Stoch X'd too. Broke the 10ma late. Still grinding along in a tight channel. I'd say a very costly one for some. Tech wise a pos div on the daily. A nuke could drop any day. Few billion air short are going to have to do something. Long are going to have to do something too: hold. I'd say a big game of chicken. Who can hold out longer. I know the end game. BTFD DCA Fear no troll. todamoonbubba