$AABB Closed .1325. Stoch moved down, now 4. MACD moved lower. Support .1258, .1200 then .1150. Resistance the 5ma at .1478, the 10ma at .1520 then the 200ma at .1560. After yesterdays sideways action, broke early down, got on the lower BBand and rode that down all day. 1hr MACD never got close to a X. It is working on a positive divergence. Stoch did manage to X up 3 hrs before close. Stayed under the 10ma all day. Daily techs following the move. No divergences. Covered the gap at .1326. No support below, so do they cover the gap at .1150 this time around. Missed getting it back at the 12/6 low. Funny thing is the techs are in the exact same position. Breaks that low and I would expect it get covered. After that is the 3 month sideways channel. We'll see how they play it out by dawns early light. BTFD DCA Fear no troll. todamoonbubba