$MRNA Bancel saying we should see Phase 1 influenza data soon. He also anticipates because of previous flu research and standards, that Phase 1 and 2 should run quickly. He also explains that the new lipid technology is far more effective than older ones (*cough* $ABUS *): “So the flu [vaccine] has a quadrivalent. And we believe anything less than quadrivalent is a nice science experiment in human. Its not a commercial product. We've quadrivalent vaccine, the mRNA-1010 has been fully enrolled. And because it's kind of one MORF antibody follow-up like before we done in vaccine as it fills data points. We should have that very quickly. We didn't presented yesterday because we don't have it obviously. If not, we'd have shown it. So people should expect very quickly that we should be able to share that data. And the piece we always be looking at the data is actually very simple. Because flu, as you know Matthew, as an approvable endpoint by the FDA, which is the HA title at 42:1 ratio.”