$IBIO to all NO(N) voters: Ibio has a market cap of ~ 120 mil. Ibio has assets worth of ~140 mil. We trade below what we physically own... If we do a R/S and your worst nightmare comes true, we drop another 50% in share value. That means: Ibio has a market cap of ~ 60 mil. Ibio has assets worth ~140 mil. As you can see that is utter bullshit since we are physically worth more than double the market cap. Tom gets paid to much and let Ibio go bankrupt! You think Tom doesn't like to keep his salary? You think Tom hired all those people, San Diego facility and started all those pipelines because he wants a faster cash burn so he could go bankrupt even faster? You think Tom is dreaming of going bankrupt and go to another company with the line: "I will be a great CEO for your company, I bankrupted my previous one after 2 years"? Think about it guys... Does any of this make any sense? If you think this is what is going on sell your shares and leave. If not: vote YES, trust Tom!