@SteveMadden23 I am no expert but this is the daily with RSI. We see several indicators that say the stock should drop. 1. Cup formation, bullish but the handle needs to be made yet. Handle could retrace back to 15.5-16 but I don't know if I will get that greedy. I say that range because generally that's how far a handle will retrace. 2. Shooting star candle. Today's finish was green of course but the shooting star means our high of the day was very far from where we finished and we are in an uptrend, a sign that the bears are coming out and pushed far off the high. 3. Gap Fill. Most stocks will fill their gaps generally quickly. Its not always true abut I would say 9/10 gaps fill within a week or two. 4. Most resistance doesn't break in the first go. the 17 leavel broke hard today but it is traditionally a tough one to break (look at May). 5. RSI is in overbought territory, needs to cool off. 6. 9 Day Moving average is way behind, stocks usually come back to it.