$XSPA Late night check in. Shelf offerings allow a company to register a new sale of stock for a 3 year period. This is good because it lets the company be flexible with the timing of the issuance of stock, and are usually more inclined to do offerings in more favorable market conditions in the future. They can even remain in the shelf if the company deems it unnecessary. In our case, Xprescheck is trying to expand all over the United States. Expansion takes time. They will need more funding if they want to stick their head into competition and make sure they are ahead. Only reason they filed a shelf offering was because they are expecting drastic growth in the near term. Doug stated “Rollout phase”, I’m pretty sure that means 5-10 airports within the next few months. In the market there’s to many retail investors who want to invest today, and get a PR the next day at 8am. No wonder Doug isn’t announcing EWR yet. He’s trying to prevent a pump and dump. This is a Long play folks.
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