$LTMCF short update ... I asked for resource estimate ... it´s time for accumulation -) "To answer the second part of your question regarding when we will have a 43-101 compliant lithium resource? The simple answer is hopefully soon. Below are picture from the exploration well on our Arizaro Argentinian prospect. This is the well that tested an average of 850+ mg/l lithium. We are all organized to drill the production test well beginning the first of August. Our pump test well will be a 100 meters west of this exploration well and while this well only went to 350 meters we plan on drilling our well to 500 meters where geophysically we see the sweet spot of this aquifer. The drilling is estimated to take 60 days with a 3 day pump test to follow. If the pump test is successful, and we believe it will be, we will be able to generate our first 43-101 report. This is potentially a game change for LITH and I am hopeful that some of the recent sellers will live to regret this decision. "