$NIO Ladies & gents here is some food for thought... Try to look at this at a macro perspective. $TSLA has laid out the EV blueprint to be successful. Li Bin the CEO of Nio is utilizing this extremely valuable information to make neo profitable faster than Tesla. At the end of the day consumers like choices competition is always needed and healthy for an industry to grow. Nio I believe will cement its place as a number two player worldwide and possibly #1 in China. The Chinese want to be the EV leaders worldwide hence the govt backing for Nio. Warren B. mention this, a good reminder "at the end of the day no one knows which way the market or a particular stock is going to go everyone is just making an educated guess. For example you don't know you're in a bubble until it pops." TO HAVE SOMETHING THAT EVERYONE WANTS YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO DO WHAT EVERYONE WON'T! So hold em long and strong! Fuck the pennies and the 🐻 and get them dolla dolls bills y'all. #CREAM Peace out!
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