$LUNA.X read it if you want to understand the plan
$LUNA.X do people even read the plan or do they just go post on this board? literally the plan fucks over people who got in while it’s low. if you have 750,000 tokens right now, you’d be left with about 10 tokens, they’re giving 80% back to the people who lost their money which essentially goes against how financial markets work. i am holding 750,000 coins but then plan is to get it to 1billion new tokens and fork the blockchain. they’re giving 40% to luna holders before depeg, 40% to ust holders before depeg, 10% TO PEOPLE WHO BOUGHT AFTER DEPEG (100,000,000 coins), and final 10% to community fund to fund future ventures. read the plan and don’t blindly pump, but i do hope this goes up…
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