$XSPA I will give you more information FOLKS so you all know what you invested in! This stock will get easy to $50 this FALL once the new testing technology gets implemented maybe next month! The Technology is on it is way - XSPA will have the technology to test every single person within seconds - test results within seconds? The test price will be included in the airplane ticket price paid with government money! 20-second coronavirus screening test piloted at U.K.'s Heathrow airport Two British companies are preparing to launch a simple COVID-19 saliva screening test that aims to provide an accurate result within 20 seconds—following its first uses at London’s Heathrow airport, one of the busiest in the world. The Virolens device, developed by iAbra, uses a digital microscope and artificial intelligence-powered software to visually search a mouth swab sample for signs of the novel coronavirus.
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