$RIDE if it's so bad, why are the bears working so hard? Thats a LOT of words. ANybody read it? Can I get a TLDR?
$RIDE folks, this is terrible news. I know we get passionate about our investments and hold strong with “diamond hands” and buy dips... but this isn’t a just another dip. This stock will plummet over the coming days. If you still want to make a long-shot bet on Lordstown, get out now and rebuy when it’s trading for under $5. Or maybe pick up a call 2022 call options. Just be careful and know that you’re straight up gambling — it’s not “smart investing” to throw money into a company that says it may go out of business and doesn’t have money to enter production. There are a lot of other EV plays out there. Some will fail and be forgotten in a few years. Some will flourish. This one is heading for the rocks.
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