$XSPA Don’t let this opportunity go, think about how many major runs you’ve missed, this will be one of them. Hold for good 3 months and you’ll be rewarded big time. We are all investing, not gambling. I might look stupid for having this big of a position here but to me this is like a baccarat hand and it’s a guaranteed win (natural 9 with 8 showing 🤣) anyways hold tight and we all make bread. SHORTS you’re F**k** big time. No you can’t borrow my shares bc I set it at $50 for GTC sale. Keep shorting and I promise when they PR drops it will leave you miserable. I suggest you short with your life savings 😂 many shorts got screwed early on when we broke $1 and started climbing bc they thought shorting this will be smart, after many times of shorting, smart bears left bc they got burned!! A fat thorny 🌵ripped through their 🍑 🤣🤣 but never careful you don’t know what you’re messing with. I got connections high up so I can’t say much but if you’re smart, you’ll get it!! 😉
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