$WKHS Is it worth buying and holding $WKHS until the award is announced? You have to understand what the price will likely be after. You don't have to guess, you can calculate it yourself. (calculator recommended) Take the amount of the initial purchase contract and divide it by the number of years that it is spread over to get the annual sales. (you could add other annual sales here like C-series and LMC revenue and second multi-billion $ contract for parts repair and maintenance) Now divide the annual sales by the 114 million shares outstanding to get annual sales per share. Now for an EV company a multiplier of 10x is very conservative (it could be much higher.. like more than double) so multiply your annual sales per share by the very conservative 10x. That should give you a fair value settle back down to reality after fomo frenzy is over price. Fomo Frenzy should push it very much higher before things calm down. Warning... you may need new pants. good luck.
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