@OctopusMoneyMultipliers @SniperTraderCusper101 You have to start with the Q4 2019 ER, then read Q1 2020 You find out that Workhorse is their ONLY production auto body customer. In Q1 they refer to the C-1000 as a passenger BEV. If they had added a second customer and doubled their customer base they would have been shouting that from the rooftops... so you have to figure it was for workhorse. If they were building a second model that they could talk about for their one and only auto body customer, they would have been talking about doubling their business.. again .. would have been something to brag about and a big deal. But all they could say was we are also building an unnamed passenger BEV. not for who. Had to be because of the NDA. Think about it. Workhorse bought the molds for the mail truck body from VT Hackney in Dec. 2019 when they signed with TPIC. TPIC had to verify that they could use those molds to make the mail truck bodies at least.