$WKHS According to the original Oct. 20, 2015 RFP for mail truck replacement SOO (Statement Of Objectives) section 4.2 "The vehicles design objectives are to provide the most efficient and economical drivetrain practical with a minimum life expectancy of 12 years." Workhorse did. Oshkosh obviously did not. They had the opportunity, they did not have the ability. They submitted the best that they could. It sucks being them. NGDV SOO section 4.5 "The vehicle design objective is to minimize preventative and corrective maintenance activities and provide easy access to serviceable components" The Workhorse Zero Emission Electric Mail Truck has 2 powered moving parts: 2 in-wheel Hub Motors. Changing a whole motor is not much more involved than changing a flat tire. There is no oil or oil filter to change, no transmission fluid to change (no transmission), no air filter to change, no grease fittings or axles to grease. What vehicle wins section 4.5 ??