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      Jake Wujastyk
      Charts, videos, and positions all updated on my subscription in the link below. 13 years trader. Chart technician. Entrepreneur. Be humble. Detailed Chart Requests: $35/Chart..................... Subscription: $45/month and $400/Annual.
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      I study psychology and invest/trade in my spare time. I would love to spend all my time doing these 3 things. The meaning behind 'takeurmoney' is that for every dollar made, is a dollar lost. Good luck taking mine
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      Aaron Faulkner
      S.A. Contributor just here to learn and have fun. Beware , my twits are the wisdom of a fool. And thus spake Zarathustra unto the people: "It is time for man to fix his goal. It is time for man to plant the germ of his highest hope.
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      Full-time-trader. Follow me to see stock's I am looking at and their setups! For FREE Technical Analysis guide's/stock analysis tips check out my YouTube channel; ( that's the full URL )
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      $peedy Calls Official Account
      HFT OptionScanner Backtesting AlgoTrading. Follow @SpeedyCalls for the fastest EquityAlerts OptionAlerts & Market observations. Not advice or recommendations.
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      All In Capital
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      Stock Market Samurai - Chart Coach - Technical Analyst - Please Checkout - Free 1 Day Trial - join the chat for real time stock market charts & educational information - watch MyChartCoach YouTube channel
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      Roland Garcia
      Entreprenuer, Investor, Entertainer, DJ
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      Business owner, professional trader. Millionaire @ 26. Greed is your worst enemy. share my knowledge Through my Ebook, msg me. The greatest traders are not the ones that know exactly when to buy but those who knows exactly when to sell- Hoan
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      StockInvest_us Official Account helps to decide if you should sell your shares or buy certain company shares. We make stock analysis easy and understandable.
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      Long term investor with 20+ years in pharmaceutical industry and a focus on developmental biotech companies. Do your own DD before investing. My thoughts and posts are not investment advice...just my thoughts.
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      To invest is not to bet, you can try but maybe you'll cry. My opinion is not your decision, choose an option at your own risk and please, don't scream to the screen ... it's not guilty!
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      My daily goal: $1000/day profit in the first 2 hours the market is open. I usually only trade stocks under $5, risk only $5000 per trade and end each trading day holding one position...CASH. Click on my website below to learn more!
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      Jack Ryan
      Everything oil, investing, and economics. Follow me on twitter @RyanOilUSA
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      Zanger Volume Ratio
      Home of the Zanger Volume Ratio and posts showing how to use this new volume tracking tool.
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      Sam son
      long/short position trader; pyramid gains/blow-out losses; allocation according to technical, psychological, fundamental analysis; hedging to reduce acct-beta.
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      Darshil Patel
      Lets all just pretend that this is a really clever bio!
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      Suggested Trading Ideas
      TradingIdea is a community where independent industry experts share details of their successful trading strategies. We analyze and suggest only valuable Trading ideas from the industry mentors.
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      Bob ssss
      I know Bio