$DSS first off yes I do have a position in this stock and no I'm not a Bot.. take a second of your time and read this and see if you're maybe interested in it but Google and a number of Stanford PhDs have been working on a new digital currency that already has more than 3.5 million members worldwide... It has been around a few years, but it has been gaining massive traction in the last 3 months and there is an app that you can download which allows you to mine the Pi currency on your phone.. (Pi Network is the App) It is INVITE only right now and I'm a member so if anyone is interested in starting to acquire this currency when its free to do so use Wyght as the code when asked who invited you the app is called Pi Network this isnt a Scam or some stupid Add I'm literally just trying to get the word out cause the more members the more its worthh!!!