$UGAZ it's 1:35 AM in the morning and looking bullish with RSI and MACD indications. RSI is oversold. Blue line is crossing yellow line on the MACD indicating it is time for buy (at least the short term). Plus, $NG_F has been a slaughter house for the past few days and as we start heading towards colder weather (December and the news about upcoming storms), it makes sense that a reversal is near, if not now. Recently on Tuesday 26, $NG_F bounced off of a strong support at 2.5 as another indication that it is time for the bulls. Also, tons of gaps need to be filled. IMO, it is heading towards 2.545. Maybe break 2.545 resistance for more upside? πŸ™ I am currently sitting at 1700 shares at an average of $15.84. I got greedy and did not have a stop loss hoping that it will go up. Lesson learned. HAVE A STOP LOSS! Report is released Wed, Nov 27 at 10:30 AM eastern time. Estimated withdrawal is -49 Bcf. Goodluck to all! 😁 estimize.com/economic_indic...
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