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$XSPA just posted this but I didn't see it come up in the chat (????), only my posted comments section on profile but I'll share again. Been so caught up with all of the fundamentals of this company and haven't really stepped back and looked at the technical's and price action until just now. All week wondering why we were bleeding, just to find out we were bleeding into old resistance turned support from back around from around Sep to October time frame. Just did a quick technical analysis on the current set up, let me know what you think. imo, this is one of the most bullish set ups I've seen in a long time- just on price action and technical analysis. Couple the with all the upcoming PR and the TIME publication today, this thing is going to launch. article: top article on that page, XspresSpa article. Maybe all these tags through it off? I took off the $ this time in case SPX SPY BA GNUS NKLA NASDAQ TSLA GOOG SHLL DGLY NBRV
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