$CYDY For those who still don’t get it, the ceo reported that there were 87 deaths across the two arms of the CD-12 trial. That works out to 22.3% of the 390 participants (data is still blinded, so, naturally, we don’t know the breakdown). The burning question is how that compares to the mortality rate for the placebo arm. Well, this what the Roche/Sanofi reported today: reuters.com/article/us-heal... “The data, from around 800 severely ill COVID-19 patients involved in an international study known as the REMAP-CAP trial showed that the two drugs reduced mortality rates from 35.8% in a control group to 27.3% among patients receiving either tocilizumab or sarilumab.” 35.8% 35.8% 35.8% If our placebo arm has a comparable mortality rate (and it should since both trials study the same population of serious-critical patients over a comparable period), it means we reduced mortality by 13.5% — a 37.7% improvement over SOC. Are you listening, shorties? 💰💵💶💷💴💵💶💷💴💰
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