@cowens__ @I_Steal @rachelstocks @4thtimehere @Taxes_R2_Damn_High @ThereAreNoSpoons @OldFngGuy @HeyShoe Agree Cowens Good interview - people should watch & learn from this - Sets stage sec 1, w his hutzpah asking Mr. T for a favour [a re-tweet] - Next, quickly builds a "connection"/flatters Mr. T w "Ali G" reference i.e. Mr. T was the only one to sniff out Sacha Baron Cohen's hutzpah - Good mix of qs - some we're a bit "pressing" (but never put Mr. T on the defensive) - some more "soft ball" to let Mr. T hit them out of the park - u will note Portnoy got Mr. T quite "relaxed and open" and jokey - Nice touch/feel good ending, getting his dad on Facetime [despite his dad being a hardcore democrat] - showing his dad "Look I've made it I'm interviewing the President !" - proud moment for his dad no doubt (despite his political affiliation)