@Xander1 @OldFngGuy @RossGlengarry @rachelstocks @TheDarkerStranger @ThereAreNoSpoons he's always been able to make magic happen production wise with a keyboard, mpc, acid pro, and reason. When we lived together, it was a live concert show every day πŸ˜„ If you're interested in hearing his own, original, work, here's him performing a track off his CD 'White Noise' on one of Seattle's local radio hip hop shows, 'the Spud Goodman Show', 7 years ago: youtube.com/watch?v=XhuOX3a... ...and a track he made 2 years ago: youtube.com/watch?v=Ws3_DIw... He made everything you hear in those. --- Thanks for the Ted talk recommendation, added to my watch list πŸ‘
@RossGlengarry @OldFngGuy @rachelstocks @TheDarkerStranger @ThereAreNoSpoons Love it (the "Bassment") Both the musics and the lyrics <u need to see him perform to appreciate it - the 2nd video - he should do one w/ him performing - need to see the delivery/expressions/hand gestures to get full effect> "Banana Good row" ---> "Lisa Kudrow" "Simply offending these hipsters at 10 a piece" ! lol And there is some foreshadowing/irony here - as he says "I could bring the power to you" (min 2:45) Look where camera pans to 6 secs after (min 2:52) - a wall full of Texas stuff !