@R8Plus block what you want. You guys are all a bunch of egomaniacs, getting off on your inner circle of followers...on stocktwits? Yes I get Rem’s shortfalls but I’m not hinting at anything - you’re putting a positive spin that the more kids that get sick, the bigger opportunity Gali has. So yeah I said it. I have skin in the game here too (believe it or not the BCRX world doesn’t revolve around you and your besties) but would rather not root for more pediatric cases. Know it all.
@FridayMorningQB @R8Plus you must be illiterate or on your period to take what he said out of context. You really must be a shitty person to short this stock, then to come on the board and create friction from thin air. The only people that I know who would do something like that are those with a low IQ and cognitive impairments. You are not going to find anyone who will read his post, aside from you, who will misconstrue something clear as glass....
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