$BIOC $BIOC My dear friends. We do indeed hold $BIOC stock and have great and justified expectations. And I happened to get an equally interesting share related to COVID-19, but the most important thing in the world today: a return to flights and to normalcy. So here's another opportunity to make good money, because the sky has missed hundreds of thousands of planes tearing up the air at 30,000 feet. Stock Name: $XSPA Do yourself a favor and check it out. On Friday it jumped from 0.73 to 1.16 but ended the day with a 0.84 (up 62.5%). By the way, its ten-month high price is $ 5.47 a share. Get a quote from marketwatch.com: "XpresSpa's stock soars on record volume after contract with JFK airport for COVID-19 testing sites" GLTA
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