$BLSP I tried to make it as simple as I can: 1. "Poort43 is a professional group of entrepreneurs who efficiently and passionately offers a total solution for the responsible processing of residuals. By applying responsible solutions, new energy, raw materials and building materials are created." 2. Anaergia will BUILD the plant at Sterksel & also provide O&M services to Blue Sphere. 3. The financing for this project was provided by: BNG Bank N.V., ETFF, N.V., Nationaal Groenfonds and Helios Energy Investments 3, LP. READ: YES This was MID 2019 PR but this is why you jump in now BEFORE new pr comes out that the project is COMPLETE & ready to make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!! Deo Phagoo SVP of Global Sales at Anaergia confirmed via email this morning Jan 13, 2021 that : "The project in Sterksel is progressing well and near completion." Get in BEFORE the PR like all these CLOWNS are waiting for. I swear they're so STUPID. Let's GO!!!!!!!!!!!
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