$MDR One thing for sure: What is going on now, if not BK, is going to be epic. IF I am wrong, and BK is to be completely avoided, this stock will go higher than anyone here has guessed. I will give you that. I will also give that even if it does go eventually to 0-$0.05 a share, same type of short-covering event could cause this to rise strongly. But I don't expect that at all. But one can never be 100% sure. For instance, a white knight could come out and buy the company last minute. The lenders might agree to things few would have expected, such as leaving the common largely intact. But those would NOT be the norms. Those would be surprises, IMO. One last bright note is that EVERYONE would love to crush these shorts. Therefore, the shorts can't be positive what will really happen in the end. An epic short-squeeze, done right, could provide someone doing it right, even billions of dollars in profit. Certainly Soros could see that. But ...EXPECT BK this week or soon.
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