$OCGN all the predictions. We have been saying EUA submission for a couple weeks now. We were saying data any day for over a month. OCGN has everything and still hasn't submitted for EUA after a week and a half. This week was great with all the Covaxin talk and Bharat but no OCGN mention. Ticker on CNBC showing OCGN down. Never saw them run it when up. But main issue here is OCGN themselves. No EUA submission. No PR to boost and counter all the news about other companies. We have heard from more companies this week than ever before. OCGN needs to separate themselves with the benefits of Covaxin and submitting for EUA would have boosted that effort. They are a real bunch of morons in my opinion just sitting on that data. This week would have put a xharge under this stock like nothing before!