$PGNX That 100 days has to be close to being up. They gave us that timeline back in November. We have heard from them(PGNX management) once in that time frame & they didn't really say anything except that they hired a few third party advisers to review the merger deal. Other than that they have been silent. Velan's big complaint during the proxy battle was PGNX's lack of transparency. And yet, the new managers(all appointed by Velan) have been even less transparent than Baker and crew. So far the 100 day turn around plan has been BS. I also noticed that some of the bigger funds added to their positions which isn't surprising because they are covering themselves in case the merger goes through. They are buying cheap shares in the $4's so if the merger goes through they can sell in the $6's. I hate saying this but, I believe the merger deal is still very real. I think LNTH will have to adjust the offer because their shares have tanked. But I think 35% chance merger does happen.
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