@Yo442732 I don't need to be educated and don't currently have a position but have done a ton off DD and have combed through recent 10-K and 8-K with a fine-tooth comb and consider recent prospects and future assumptions. Dilution impacts all stocks differently so let's not talk hypotheticals. Generally, dilution will bring down the stock price. If the company is an industry leading mid-large cap the impact will be lesser and short-lived. But GNUS, near term the impact will be negative for current shareholders. Other catalyts could offset the negative impact. I like the direction the company is heading and won't disparage longs from weathering the current and upcoming storm. Facts are facts; and this company had a 20 million MC earlier this year and pumped the PPS so they wouldn't be delisted. Now they are rightfully taking advantage of the "higher" share price in terms of using it as legal tender to clean up the balance sheet and potentially acquire revenue generating assets.
@versace_ Lol you just made me laugh....as I can see u do not know what u r talking about..April 2 the price was a t .23 If you really do your dd you will know what im talking abou...silly bear