$EQOS The 62% reduction in mortality was achieved in a group of patients requiring up to 60% FiO2. This level of oxiganation (60%) was the median level in the study. Note acceptance criteria to the trial requires that the patient has verified pneumonia and requires, at baseline, high flow supplemental oxygen or positive pressure ventilation or is receiving oxygen via face mask. This means all of the patients in the study are in pretty bad shape. A note on FiO2: Natural air includes 21% oxygen, which is equivalent to FIO2 of 0.21. Oxygen-enriched air has a higher FIO2 than 0.21; up to 1.00 which means 100% oxygen. FIO2 is typically maintained below 0.5 even with mechanical ventilation, to avoid oxygen toxicity. FiO2 of 60% is no joke. I for one believe the results are very robust despite being Post Hoc analysis. Had this trial been designed appropriately in the first place, we would have seen fantastic results w/o post hoc analysis. Regulators will surely recognize the efficacy.