$AMC I want to go to sleep and dream...I wake up, take a look at pre-market and watch the price soaring +$3.50...scratch my head, go drink coffee & eat breakfast, check again 15 mins later +$5.69...Put on one of the stock market channels and hear "AMC Soaring in pre-market action" will come back with more details after the break... Wait for 2 min commercial, check again +$7.99...By the time market open it's up $16, then 4 mins later up to $75.89, then $125.34, then $236.78...they don't halt it so goes to $289.23 by 10:30a.m. Easter time....By 12 noon it's $587....By power hour $801.99....Closes the day at $888.88 "DAY ONE"....what a dream it would be...Even better reality