$CLOV $AMC You dumb fucks talking your shit out of jealously cuz of the $CLOV move today are pathetic You NEVER do DD....you are fucking clueless of the facts on the table. Over 250M shares of $CLOV are short....and the "tutes" you speak of own a VERY small portion of the nearly 500M shares printed.... 85% of $CLOV is either owned by Chamath, Andrew Toy or Garipalli. 80%+ of the float CANNOT be unlocked until 30 handle gained for a substantial period of time You dip shits are morons. You diss opportunity because you are jealous self centered assholes. Not all $AMC share holders are as stupid as a lot of you, but for you that are this fucking stupid....well dip shits....GOOD LUCK LONG RUN.....moronic assholes.....
$CLOV first of all congrats on the gains, you love to see it... $CLOV is owned by the tutes at the end of the day they'll rug pull when it's high enough and short the way down, this isn't fud.... They'll treat it just like crypto.. $AMC is owned by share holders and we control the float! Much smarter and safer play, this is not financial advice on any way just simple observation.
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