$BIOC lmfao...Sabby had 330k shares as of 1/2/2020 maybe a little Less now ...So in dollars that’s about 50k-80kdepending what they paid for them.. they aren’t a threat here lol They currently have 93 positions opened, on top of that their portfolio is about $185,573,000 Ok so 50k -80k on a short.. where retail investors buy near that lol ...daily here on Bioc use common sense People!!! Look at their other positions •Pulm 1mil shares •ampe 8 Mil shares •canf they hold 9 mil Shares •hmny this is the biggest one 199mil shares Now are they holding those shares on a short or long? I only care About bioc, so to answer the question... if They are short here.. the size of The position they have here is weak! There’s scanners that you can patch up, tweak a little or even sources that you can reach out to or even the sec website shows all The times they file ! don't come here and expect facts all, people use this site for more harm! Then good. Stay sucker free and good luck ✌🏽
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