$M 1. Cramer did not make a bad call. $M made a massive move up and he explained why and had the CEO on. He did not say buy right now. Ppl get pissed when he talks about a stock and they jump in like lemmings to the sea and the stock drops. Buy a stock the day after earnings after a parabolic 20% move up? Heard of the 3 day rule? If you jumped in long today, you should not be trading unless you own up.. its you, not the talking head. 2. For the chart dudes and dudas and non binaries in-between check it out. Compare the green move from yesterday and today's red candle. If you are a candle person and burn then with shrooms, you know that the green base (less wicks) no longer engulfs the red from today. if the green engulfed the red then the green wins and the positive vides are intact. But it fell below 34.97 (sad face) and now the red candle/bears is controlling . That big gap at 32.11 and 28.73 and todays candle say stay away until this cools off.