$BNGO The announcement about shelf is an amazing news. They have held a meeting on 31st August, to decide for shelf. Its the best sign and hint one can ever get. Know the market & know the rules. Here is why: - In order to do a shelf offering you need to be listed. - In order to be listed you need to have stock price more than $1 for 10 business days. - If you dont keep the price more than $1, there is no listing and no offering lol. - When you do the offering the share price does come down (that is if it happens), when it comes down it shouldnt be less than $1. So if I were to keep it more than $1. I would be looking at $3+ by August 31st. Thats what any normal person would do. - This is a company with 200 qualified people, they dont randomly decide something. They know the price will be $3+ by that time thats why they made an announcement. - And telling shareholders about this 1+ month in advance is the strongest sign of a performance you can get. Only confident companies do that.
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