$NMTR The situation is too volatile, it depends on your profile as an investor. If you are going to maintain NMTR for 6-12 months, the current price 1 - 1.50 $ could be a good option, especially if we enter into permanence again. In the worst case if we go down and need a Reverse Split, the long position should also pay off with what we expect from Nine Meters in 2021. You pay off handsomely from now on. With or without RS. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a quick play or swing, I do not see optimal buying today at any price. In my opinion I would recommend waiting a few days and seeing what the definitive trend is to enter, because with yesterday's volatility we are as close to $ 1 as $ 2 and there is nothing clear. I plan my entry according to the course of today and tomorrow. Greetings and luck
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