@MaseratiMoney @barry5448humbl66 @benman - It’s a pleasure. I am glad to share and help. Seriously think about the question I asked. Who are you? Not your career, not your politics or race, background, history. Who is the true you, the one connected to all things? Here is another secret about life. It’s all about perspective. Go observe the birds, really just go focus on it. Or even a flower, they have done the same things from the beginning of time and yet the Universe has perfectly created enough for them to be able to survive within their allotted seasons. We could end up in civil war tomorrow and those birds and flowers are going to just keep doing what they’ve always done from the beginning of time. Here’s an interesting fact about the 2004 Tsunami. After the chaos they found that hardly any animals died during the wave that swept though the city, killing hundreds and thousands. Ask yourself why? Life could be so simple, if we tapped into these Universal truths.