Hey folks, Please understand that if you ask me a question about a stock I have already alerted as a strong buy and I don’t respond, it’s simply because I don’t want to keep address the same question over and over again. It really takes away from legit questions and information most I am sure on here would like me to address instead of if I am still in a stock I recommended for the group to buy. If you have been following my philosophy and strategy, you will know that I am still holding $SEEK - I always advice to take seed and a little profit but (NOT ALL) as most of these tickers will run much higher due to supply and demand, upcoming catalysts and updates from management. A simple visit to otcmarkets.com/ and a search for SEEK will give you a ton of information include link to its website below, which is yet to be updated as I initially alerted 🚨 to the group when I first mentioned it as a strong buy.