$JCP - Listen one thing I have always tried to do on this board is be transparent and share as much detailed research I can find on JCPenney. We got steamrolled by a one sided Justice system. If we had the same Judge on TUESQ we would all be singing a different tune right now. I am currently down 300K on JCP. Now this could change come Monday but for now this is my reality. I won’t sit here and cry over spilt milk or will I leave my fate to chance of further corruption by this Judge and all involved. I am 100% confident that I will make that 300K back and more. It may take me a few months or a year or two but I will make it back. If you care to know some of my trades and recommendations then feel free to follow, if not no harm no foul. As much as JCP is not my fault, I feel responsible to so many on here, good folks hurting from this. I want to help! Here is my current hold on TSNP. If the price falls below 0.019 cents I will buy another 500,000K and hold a million shares.
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