Yiu haven’t been around too long. Nflx has a history of huge selloffs. 2+ weeks ago it was 469. Prior to that, high of 575 8 weeks ago. Its a highly volatile name. Anyone can post, it’s up to individuals to do their own due diligence & follow their own plan..ignore the noise.
@Hortons when people post for a big drop below 480 pre-earnings, and are now off by more than $100 in stock price, and they have the direction wrong too, yeah they shouldnt post. Dont make up words i never said....
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@Hortons Yeah because my stocktwits date totally represents my trading knowledge and history... I didn't need the nflx history lesson. Believe it or not there are people on here who do very well, better than me even. But don't assume everyone on here is new even if their stocktwits date is 2020. Below is my profit on netflix alone this year, and I trade many companies. My input is useful for anyone who has listened especially on the trades I have posted. Feel free to follow me, or not.