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      Vijay Patel
      AMU Technologies is a fast growing IT consulting firm in India which offers different IT services like custom web design & development, eCommerce website development and mobile application development as per client requirement and budget.
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      Michael Filloon
      Co-Founder and Managing Director Hartstreet LLC
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      John Cocktoaster
      After being in a boiler room I saw the kind of stocks I didn't want to invest in....So now I dabble with much more confidence. Feel free to share you stock ideas.
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      Marc Nicolas
      DayTradingZones is a research and analysis firm that provides retail traders and institutions with analysis and research for various underlyings including stocks, options and day trades... And has been doing with the the use of its tools since 2002.
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      Tim W
      Our mission is to help new and struggling day traders, swing traders and long term investors achieve sustainable success. Success in trading and investing can't be achieved without core fundamental strategies.
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      Сергей Мартынюк
      Занимаюсь любимым делом, успешно делаю международный бизнес 100% в интернет с помощью системы. Поддержку и обучение гарантирую. Скайп - luckyserg83 Вся суть на сайте
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      Duane Gott
      Trader of 20+ years. Gann enthusiast & chart technician. Former eSignal trading instructor. All charts, comments and ideas are for educational purposes only.
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      GaleriaZero - contemporary art
      GaleriaZero i(since 1997) is an organizer of international art events and a promotor of artists.
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      John kowal
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      Suri Duddella Official Account
      Suri Duddella, 20+ years full-time Futures/Equities/Options Trader. Patterns based Algorithmic Trading. Author -- "Trade Chart Patterns Like The Pros" book. Automated Pattern Galleries/Research/Blog:
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      Steve Baker
      Frequently Flying. Full time Project Manager. Part time currency and stock trader. If I ever get good enough at one, I will drop the other two.
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      Matt Davio
      Former Fund Manager and Trader for a few quant funds you've never heard of. Futures Trader using Market Profile. Time over Price! Trading is a business , treat it like one SnapChat
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      June Stoyer
      Journalist & host @TheOrganicView & @CleanEnergyView Globally ranked top1%influencers on #socialmedia Ranked #14 globally on sustainability by
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      Phil Martin
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      Jeremy Biberdorf
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      Los Angeles (Brentwood) native. Realtor in Beverly Hills specializing in residential, commercial & income properties! I buy growth stocks & Bio's~ ACAD CLVS FB KMI NXPI TWTR VUZI KITE~ If you want to buy property contact me:
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      Adrian S
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      Michael Stern
      Film Director / Producer