$KOPN The Seven Faces of Doctor Fan. Seven identities bound together with a single strand of DNA. Zierler, the serpent, slithering in and out holes lined with deceit. Realdeal, the sensitive child, screaming for attention without a fully developed sense of reason. SMR, handing out Kopin cupcakes in a maid's uniform. ARVRinvestor, a wonder of paranoid evolution, a stand alone set of eyeballs that sees everything that isn't Kopin as an extistential threat that must be destroyed. A couple of shadow identities are thrown in the mix as well, to punctuate when needed or become Medusa, in order to turn a contrasting opinion into stone. You all compliment each other much too well to not be attached at the bloodstream. And there's Fan himself. He probably wrote this script. I hold EMAN. It's been fun learning how the 7 faces of Dr. Fan operate this weekend - but now it's time to sit back and let the movie play out. I'm pretty certain how this ends.
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