$NSAV So a guy who previously ran a couple shady companies, including one purportedly selling cannabis beer (that never actually got to market), launches a 2-person business that has no website or mailing address other than a PO Box in rural Pennsylvania. The company is purportedly operating in the red-hot cannabis and crypto space. The company says it has a big-shot soon-to-be-announced director joining its board (sure, I believe that) and is about to acquire a soon-to-launch AI-enabled European crypto exchange (sure, I believe that, too), which currently has nothing but a disabled Twitter account and has only been in existence since last month (probably only as a nonfunctional website with fake headshots). I was happy to make a few grand on this pump and dump but sad that a lot of newbies are going to lose their shirts when it goes back to $0, which is exactly what it's worth. Guys: It's important to do a little due diligence before you invest. A fool and his money are soon parted.