$OUT Better deep value/special situation stocks than YRIV elsewhere? Doubtful! I prefer to research, follow the evidence, buy on fear and sell on euphoria myself. 8v) Consider this: 53% insider owned + 34% Institution/>5% owners = 87% smart money owned. Mr. Chen owns 16,600,000 shares of YRIV. sec.report/CIK/0000001213... Did you know YRIV is 53% insider owned? Nearly every broker has that & inst. owner info wrong (biased against all penny stocks). YRIV's CEO & President is a Billionaire who is determined to make YRIV successful. More smart money owners that own tens of millions of YRIV shares disclosed below (see attached). They are real owners that banded together to sue HR in NYSC in Jan. 2019. Following the smart money is a great idea and YRIV is 87% smart money owned. And overdue for an epic SS squeeze. YRIV price target is $12+ because a whale investor, new partner buy in or MM$ is coming and sooner. It's always darkest right before dawn. (share)
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