@magician27 $NBRV You can't find revenue. LoL! $8.5MM in TTM revenues. As for me, I always think and look forward to $50MM from licensing XENLETA in EU (M&D), $85MM from XENLETA's China Approval, $15-$25MM from Initial inventories in 30 countries with government controlled health care, $50MM from Antibiotic Manufacturer's Stimulus Fund, Australia Approval $25MM, $10-$20M from XENLETA's inclusion in National Strategic Reserve (purchases), Grant for XENLETA's Clinical Trails vs. STDs, Contepo NTAP designation by CMS means FDA approval unleashes $2343 in hospital reimbursement at a time when all hospitals are struggling financially = Big sales in year 1, 2 & 3 in USA. Add in US sales for Sivextro, XENLETA & Contepo = $24MM. NBRV is in the small cap biotech & pharmaceutical sector. We are about to have a huge growth spurt, thus recent approved offering. Old financial statements only tell you what has happened already, it's what WILL HAPPEN next that's more important to smart investors.
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