$NBRV Massive Big Block Buying is still going on folks, the smart money is accumulating at these crazy undervalued prices. BBB volume is of this magnitude is VERY BULLISH! You all know it is too good to last, I hope all my friends here loaded up on NBRV, GNUS & MDXG. UPDATED CATALYST LIST WITH REALISTIC REVENUE PROJECTIONS FOR 2021 ATTACHED BELOW. (Share!) Let me also remind you that a few of these major catalysts could start appearing any day now. XENLETA will likely be chosen for the US Strategic Reserve any time now as CV cases escalate WW & 50% of CV cases have CABP too. US & European Antibiotic Manufacturer's Stimulus Funds (2) will start distributing megabucks very soon, what better candidate than NBRV? The mass media's Coronavirus fear campaign helps NBRV daily and now that we have NTAP awards and a much larger community based Sales Team to sell XENLETA & Sivextro so we can capitalize on it. Buy on fear, hold for the GOLD and sell on euphoria. It's just that simple.
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