$GNUS the days of dirt cheap GNUS shares are almost history folks. Read CEO's letter to shareholders twice it lays it all out there for you. finance.yahoo.com/news/geni... We all know kids of all ages LOVE cartoons and original/new (to them) content, it doesn't have to be brand new, just new to them. That said who hasn't watched their favorite cartoons 10 x each when they were a kid? Remember, Andy told us all GNUS would be profitable by Jan. 2021. You can bank on a blowout Q4 ER that will exceed all expectations because we have plenty of international revenue from content contracts with foreign companies, advertising revenue, toy & product revenue and US-based content provider revenue. With a CEO this good, GNUS longs are about to take a long rocket ride to the Moon. My three American Dream Early Retirement Researched Stock Picks are: GNUS ($12 PT in 12-16 months easy), NBRV $12/share PT in 2021 and MDXG $18/share PT not long after re-listing on NASDAQ.
@Zaneyone what makes this stock different than any of the cartoon channels on tubi or pluto for free? its definitely not the content because The Littles tv cartoon is something I watched as a ked and didnt like it then.
@Tait341 Buying $GNUS now for a $1.2 is like buying Disney for 20 cents a share in 1940. GNUS is focused on one thing becoming a global kids entertainment power house that specializes in cartoon content that's safe for the whole family. GNUS owns tons of Intellectual Property from Stan Lee and has original content contracts with Arnold, Warren Buffet and Shaq as well as John Landis as a Director. In the near future GNUS shares will be selling for $12 with good reason, EXCELLENCE IN EXECUTION THAT WILL MAKE WALT DISNEY GREEN WITH ENVY. Think for a moment on how much 2 Rainbow Rangers/Other GNUS cartoon movies that gross $200M each in global sales will bring to the bottom line in 2021. Does investing in GNUS make sense now? Arnold gets it. John Landis gets it. Warren Buffet gets it. Shaq gets it. And Andy's history of developing/making key contributions to major cartoon hits for kids is incredible. Study that CEO letter to shareholders: finance.yahoo.com/news/geni...